Managing Partners


CERN KT is a partner in the knowledge transfer to Austrian startups and represented in the domains of activities: Beam Instrumentation and Systems, Cooling and Ventilation, Cryogenics, Digital Sciences, High and Ultra-High Vacuums, Industrial Controls, Magnet Technology, Manufacturing and Mechanical Processes, Material Science, Metrology, Particle Tracking and Calorimetry, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics and Microelectronics, Radiation Protection and Monitoring, Radio Frequency Technology, Robotics, Sensors, Superconductivity as well as Testing Facilities. Those technology fields are not only involved in the BIC’s incubation programme, but also in awareness measures within the BIC Screening Week for students of applied sciences.

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The Austrian BIC of CERN Technologies is established at accent Inkubator GmbH. Founded in 2005, accent is the tough tech business incubator to the region of Lower Austria, the province that surrounds the Austrian capital and start-up hotspot Vienna. Out of app. 70 first interviews per year, app. 18 are incorporated into the incubation programme. accent supports academic spinoffs and innovative startups in launching successful, knowledge-intense companies. In doing so, accent is open to members of all scientific disciplines and economic sectors, contributing to technology transfer and the exploitation of research results in line with universities’ third mission.

Network Partners

Whithin the framework of the BIC Screening Week the BIC cooperates closely with the Creative Pre-Incubator® (CPI). The CPI is a programme operated at the Universities of Applied Sciences Lower Austria. The CPI offers selected groups of students and alumni professional support and advice in elaborating their business ideas and launching theis businesses. The CPI was founded in 2013 in cooperation with the University of Aplied Sciences St. Pölten. Having started as a pilote programme, the CPI was later on installed at other Lower Austrian Universities.

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The initiative AplusB (Academia plus Business) was established by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) in 2002. Implemented and operated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), it is now conducted by the aws (Austria Promotional Bank) as the successor programme “AplusB Scale-up”. The focus clearly lies on RTI-based start-ups (RTI = research, technology and innovation) with high growth potential in academia. As a framework, “AplusB Scale-up” has granted accent Inkubator GmbH the responsibility to empower visionary entrepreneurs and support them scale their business ideas both nationally as well as internationally.

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Within the programme “AplusB Scale-up”, accent gets funding by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws). This bank supports companies in implementing their innovative projects by offering soft loans, grants and guarantees, particularly in cases where the funds required cannot be obtained sufficiently through alternative funding.

The close cooperation with tecnet guarantees the support of innovators at technology-oriented companies, research institutions and university laboratories, and sometimes even ‘private garages’, where an idea is ‘tinkered’ with and explored until a ground-breaking new solution sees the light . tecnet has a focus on its research-to-value (r2v) support programme, whereas tecnet equity finances new technology enterprises as well as companies with innovative business ideas through venture capital.