Welcome to the Austrian BIC of CERN Technologies

accent is your partner in exploring what CERN could hold for your business idea.

As the official Austrian Business Incubation Center (BIC) of CERN Technologies it is our mission to foster the knowledge transfer between Austrian startups and CERN. Based on technologies developed in high energy physics, innovative products and services emerge and bring new facets of impact to society.

The Call for Austrian Startups is open all year, next cut-off date: Dec. 20th, 2021

Founded in 1954, CERN has its home in Geneva, Switzerland, and is currently run by 23 Member States. CERN is the European Council for Nuclear Research (in French short for “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”). It was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and has become the epitome of a peace project.

Credits: J. Uhlik

Photo of CERN in Geneva

When it comes to CERN, it is indeed most known for its significant breakthroughs in particle physics such as the early discovery of neutral currents. Nevertheless, its measures of outreach and impact on society go far beyond, as the invention of the World Wide Web sustainably shows. Through the BIC’s services, existing CERN technologies may be picked up by Austrian startups to be innovatively applied in new areas, unleashing their broad economical and societal potential to their fullest.

Which expertise is available at CERN?

Together with the respective startup, it is the BIC’s task to look into the matching options between entrepreneurs(-to-be) and CERN technologies. These technologies are related to the following range of expertise fields.

Credits: CERN

CERN technology domains

What if …?

“… I have no pre-existing relationship with CERN or the BIC, nor an idea which CERN technology exactly could help me tackle my business (related research) challenge?”

To enter the incubation programme, no connection whatsoever to CERN nor the BIC is necessary. It is upon your request that the BIC triggers a thorough evaluation process on the cooperation potential together with the knowledge transfer partners at CERN.

Who can apply?

Any Austrian startup that seeks to accelerate its innovative, tech driven business idea can benefit from the incubation programme – as long as it is not older than 4 years.

So what could be the immediate inducement? Basis of an incubation could be the lack of an appropriate technology to bring your business idea to life – or your need of additional technologies to accelerate your products, respectively the appropriate testing facilities to do so.

The BIC also addresses academic spinoffs and research-driven personalities who are ambitious to launch a company and bring cutting-edge research to the market. Also established companies developing technologies that could be of interest to CERN are highly encouraged to get in touch with us.

Credits: CERN

Particle accelerator in CERN

What is the benefit?

The BIC has set up a multilevel incubation programme to support entrepreneurs individually. After having expressed your business challenge we follow up with finding the according experts. Upon an individual agreement CERN grants the incubatee 40 hours scientific support at no cost. This support is very likely linked to travel and housing costs for CERN visits – which the BIC covers fully.

Our support is not limited to facilitating discussions with CERN experts – overall, it is an extensive incubation programme that involves individual coaching by your personal BIC project manager and the whole BIC team for a period of 18 months. Within this time window, you may retrieve intense advice on business planning, team building, additional governmental funds, private equity like VC and business angels as well as finding collaborative partners in science and industry. The BIC also facilitates access to funding agencies such as the Austrian Promotional Bank (aws) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Workshop with five attendees at BIC

The goal of the incubation programme is to create exclusive benefits from a knowledge transfer that exactly addresses your company’s needs. This improves the high standards of your product or service, its credibility to customers, funding agencies and investors as well as the outreach and attractiveness to international partners.

As a startup new to the market, the incubation helps you strengthen your position working side by side with a well established and already renowned research innovation driver. To disseminate this partnership, each incubatee is endowed to use the CERN technology logo for its marketing purposes.

Logo of CERN

You are free to (re-)locate your business activities to one of the BIC’s Co-Working Spaces which are currently situated in Wiener Neustadt and Tulln,

These are situated right in the landscapes of the Lower Austrian Technopol Centers with their vibrant research and technology environment, representing companies of a broad range of economic branches, interdisciplinary cooperation and educational offers on university level. You can also work at facilities offered by our partners at the Airport Schwechat as well as in Krems at no cost – including meeting rooms, technical equipment and the exchange with your startup peers.

Once you have entered the BIC you gain access to a network of international business incubators in Greece, Italy, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania and Spain for expanding your business activities and placing your products on new markets.

How to apply?

Send your informal request to cern.bic@accent.at. Alternatively, contact the BIC Project Manager Julia Uhlik at +43 676 88 326 1313. Indicate your technological challenge and / or the CERN field of expertise you would assess as relevant. The Call for Expressions of Interest is open all year, but uses three cut-off dates per year.

The next cut-off date is December 20th, 2021.

Exhibition landscape at CERN

The wide exhibition landscape at CERN displays some of the fundamental questions that have been stimulating researchers’ curiosity.
Credits: J. Uhlik


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