The BIC at the 4GameChangers Festival

The Austrian BIC was part of the 4GameChangers Festival 2019 at Marxhalle in Vienna, sharing lively discussions with its booth visitors about the manifold opportunities of a CERN cooperation.

What is the 4GameChangersFestival about as a whole? It is established as an international digital festival in order to build bridges between the most important European entrepreneurs with leading visionaries. The festival is organised as a hub for future-oriented digital projects, startups and meeting point for gamechangers of all ages, economic branches and communities. Among its highlight events is the awarding of different prizes such as the Austrian Federal Prize for Digitalization or the Austrian Born Global Championship by the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO).

In 2019, Giovanni Anelli contributed to a discussion panel on the topic of knowledge transfer within the programme format “10 Minutes of Innovation”, highlighting the broad range of technology domains available at CERN.

G. Anelli, Head of CERN KT, presents CERN’s Mission in front of the wider public.

Credits: B. Weisgram/tecnet

G. Anelli presents CERN’s Mission in front of the public

With the 2019 BIC Meeting taking place in Baden, a wider international community was involved in our booth activities and in the tech talks’ audience. Together with CERN KT officials we welcomed business incubation representatives from allover Europe.

Credits: H. Weber-Struger/accent

Attendees of the 2019 CERN BIC Meeting in Baden