Open Call for BIC Screening Week

The *new call* for the CERN-BIC Screening Week 2021 has closed.

CERN-BIC Screening Week 2021

Would you like to solve a specific problem but need more expertise?

Or are you a tech savvy looking for new applications of existing technologies?

Wondering what CERN actually is about and how it could support your ideas?

If at least one of these questions appeals to you, send us an Expression of Interest for

CERN-BIC Screening Week 2021

!!! The call is closed !!!

Thank you for your interest!

Team and Mentors at CERN-BIC Screening Week 2020

CERN is the Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire.
Situated in Geneva, Switzerland, it employs about 3.000 people, 6.500 visiting scholars from 500 universities and from more than 80 nations. Within this international setting, the business incubator (BIC) accent enables affiliates of Lower Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences a 6-day visit at CERN to boost their ideas with the help of experts. More specifically these affiliates can be current students, alumni, persons with teaching responsibilities or any other university affiliation who are interested in growing an idea into a business. Besides that, expressions of interest without an affiliation to one of the Lower Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences are also very welcome.

During the CERN-BIC Screening Week, the teams will work independently on their own ideas.

A team can either work on solving a problem with CERN expertise or on finding new applications of existing CERN technologies. Each team then evaluates the commercial potential of their solutions and talks to potential customers, users, technical experts, NGOs and support organisations, competitors, suppliers and partners. CERN will provide contact with technical experts.

The CERN-BIC Screening Week 2021 is set to take place from October 25th-29th at CERN IdeaSquare in Geneva, Switzerland

The call for expressions of interest is already open – in case of interest please answer the 3 questions below.

Concerning the deployment of online and offline meetings in this programme, the COVID-19-related situation is being reviewed regularly resulting in possible adaptions of programme execution. In case of any questions on the procedure or call content, please contact the project manager Julia Uhlik at +43 676 88 326 1313 or

What are your benefits of participating?

  • Each team receives mentor support.

  • Travel and accommodation costs are fully covered.

  • Your visit at CERN implies exclusive insights into research experiments such as the antimatter factory or the LHC accelerator.

  • If you are in your studies the output of the Screening Week can be used for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

  • The output can be used to launch your own business. accent Business Incubator will give you free support.

  • You gain valuable contacts for your professional life and shine out from the mass of your competitors on the labour market.

  • You find out if your idea bears real-life business potential.

What happens after submitting my application?

Your statements are sent to the accent project manager who will contact you for discussing your idea further and see if it can be shortlisted for the CERN-BIC Screening Week. Your idea may be shortlisted if:

  • an innovation potential is discernible

  • the team carries the potential to set up a business

  • tangible expertise or technologies at CERN can be identified to push the development of the proposed idea

In case of shortlisting further documents may be requested: a CV (1-pager) and a more elaborate sketch of your idea (1-pager). No elaborate business plan or concept is necessary at this stage.

In case you apply as an individual your university and accent will assist you in finding complementary team members.

Participating Teams, Mentors, CERN KT and accent Representatives in February 2020

Participating Teams, Mentors, CERN KT and accent Representatives of the CERN-BIC Screening Week 2021