Incubation Talks with Permedio

Spring 2019 saw the visit of an Austrian delegation for matching an ambitious health tech startup with one of CERN’s technology domains.

Startup Permedio, managed by the CEO Stefan Wöhrer, CERN representative Benjamin Frisch and BIC project manager Julia Uhlik met with the CERN CollSpotting Group under the lead of Jean-Marie Le Goff.

Permedio shared their vision of how to enbetter the lives of people with the services of its Center for Personalised Medicine located in Neunkirchen, Lower Austria

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Permedio operates genetical analyses for individual patients to test the tolerance and impact of medical drugs which is done on the basis of clinically validated, international studies . As this business goal requires the handling of very large and complex sets of data, CERN is the most favourable and competent partner for Permedio to guarantee an optimized visualization output for reporting tools under development.

CERN CollSpotting Group with CERN KT Officer Benjamin Frisch (middle) and Permedio members Stefan Wöhrer (3rd from the right) and Stefan Sagl (2nd from the right). Credits: J. Uhlik

During the meeting the incubation agenda was set with all requirements that also foresee an indepth engagement in data science and information retrieval on side of the startup Permedio. The BIC is enthusiastic about the forthcoming cooperation talks to ensure an innovative and novel product being introduced to the Austrian health tech ecosystem soon

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CERN Officer Benjamin Frisch (right) leads through the tape cartridges that used to store CERN’s physics data until 2014. An amount of 50.000 tapes are needed to store 1 year’s worth of LHC experiments’ data.

The “Globe of Science and Innovation” symbolizes Planet Earth and functions as CERN’s outreach tool for its work in the fields of science, particle physics, leading-edge technologies and everyday applications.

The exhibition “Universe of Particles” inside the Globe informs about the Big Bang and also holds artefacts from R&D milestones to better grasp the comprehensive developments CERN has been involved in.